Do you provide cover for pregnancy related claims?

We continue to provide cover for mothers under our policies. However, we will not provide cover under ‘Section 2 Emergency Medical and other Expenses’ for any claim arising from a complication of pregnancy that arose prior to departing on a trip, normal pregnancy, childbirth, or travelling when a medical practitioner has recorded a pregnancy as high risk or being at a heightened risk of premature birth at any time. Where cover is provided under ‘Section 2 Emergency Medical and other Expenses’, our policies contain limitations for infants born abroad and full details are provided within the policy wording.

It is important that the treating midwife or doctor is happy that the person in question is fit to travel, taking into consideration where they are travelling to, the method of transport to be used to reach the destination, and any transport methods intended to be used during the trip, prior to booking the trip and/or insurance policy.

Please ensure that enquiries are undertaken with the chosen carrier (e.g. the airline, cruise company, etc) to make sure that the pregnancy falls within their acceptance criteria, based on the expected delivery date before booking the trip, as these may vary.


Complication of pregnancy – means the following unforeseen complications of pregnancy as certified by a medical practitioner: toxaemia; gestational hypertension; pre-eclampsia; ectopic pregnancy; hydatidiform mole (molar pregnancy); hyperemesis gravidarum; ante partum haemorrhage; placental abruption; placenta praevia; post-partum haemorrhage; retained placenta membrane; miscarriage; stillbirths; medically necessary emergency Caesarean sections/medically necessary termination; and any premature births or threatened early labour more than 8 weeks (or 16 weeks in the case of a multiple pregnancy) prior to the expected delivery date.