Are my medical bills paid direct to the provider?

Our Emergency Assistance Service will arrange for medical expenses to be paid directly to the provider if you are admitted to a hospital or clinic whilst abroad. It is very important that you or someone acting on your behalf contacts our Emergency Assistance Service on +44 (0)203 280 3688 as soon as possible.

If you are treated as an out-patient and not admitted to the hospital or clinic, please make payment yourself, retain all original receipts, and claim back the medical expenses when you return home.

Always be wary of requests for signatures for excessive treatment, tests or charges. Please contact our Emergency Assistance Service for help and guidance if you are unsure of the validity of any proposals, tests or treatment suggested or have any doubts about the necessity for the tests or treatment, relative to your condition. The Assistance Service is available to advise you and if necessary liaise directly with the service provider to ensure that the proposed treatment, investigations and charges are relevant, customary and reasonable.