Do I need to tell you if a close relative has a pre-existing medical condition?

A number of eligibility questions are asked during the sales process to determine whether we are able to offer cover.

One of these questions is:

‘Is anyone you wish to insure on this policy aware of any circumstances, including the health of relatives, or other third party, which may cause them to cancel, cut short a trip, or make a claim?’

If you are aware of a close relative, close business associate or other third party that is unwell, for example;

  • has received a terminal prognosis; is receiving or waiting for hospital investigations or treatment for an undiagnosed condition or set of symptoms;
  • is receiving inpatient treatment;
  • is suffering from an existing medical condition or illness that has presented a new or a change to symptoms;
  • or is in general poor health, then you must inform us of the circumstances.

Please call our Sales and Service Team on 01903 255 659 during our office opening hours of 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 2pm on Saturday.

Our definition of third party is; a close relative, close business associate, a person you have booked to travel with, or a relative or friend with whom you plan to stay.