Does my policy provide cover for me to work abroad?

Southdowns travel insurance policies provide cover as standard under the terms and conditions of the insurance offered, for administrative, clerical, non-manual occupations in low-risk environments.

We are not a specialised business cover provider.

Examples of work that we can cover are working or attending meetings in an office, hotel, conference forum, or educational facility.

Cover is also in place for fruit or vegetable picking as long as it does not involve the use of any motorised and/or mechanical machinery or power tools or the climbing of ladders.

We are happy to cover students working as councillors or on university exchanges for practical non-manual course work.

It is important to note that there is no cover for personal liability at all whilst working abroad or within the UK.

Examples of work or occupations that fall outside the scope of a Southdowns policy are any form of manual work whether full time, part time or occasional, including the use of tools, DIY or construction when using tools/power tools or being on any form of ladder or step. Professional entertaining (such as cruise ship dancers), professional sports, retail, bar, and restaurant work or working as a nanny, childminder, or au pair.

Additionally, our policies are not designed to cover you in high-risk facilities such as building sites, factories, medical facilities, or other such environments unless the visit is restricted to an office within these environments.

The above list of exclusions is not exhaustive, if the work that you intend to participate in does not fall within the covered as standard examples, please call us on 01903 255 659 to discuss your plans.

Please be advised that we do not have the option of collecting an additional premium to expand the policy cover and as such our policies may not be suitable to your needs, however, alternative insurance providers may be in a position to assist.